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Minor League Stint At A Crossroads

First off, I’ve been feeling better every week. I’m finally adjusting to the multiple innings that I’ve been throwing this year. Last year with New York, I was more of a lefty specialist or short relief. So it had been awhile.

I got here this year and pretty much every appearance I’ve been in has been multiple innings. It wore me out early. I struggled with it the first couple of weeks, and now I’ve gotten adjusted to it. I’m used to sitting down between innings and getting back up and going back out.

I had my first back-to-back appearance recently and it was not too bad. My arm bounced back really well. I’ve only given up one extra base hit this whole season, so I feel like I’m throwing the ball well.

I have an out in my contract coming up soon, so I’m hoping that something’s coming. Hopefully I’ll either end up in Boston or whatever may happen. I feel like with the way I’ve been throwing the ball, as well as how I threw the ball last year, that I belong in the big leagues. So hopefully that’ll happen.

But there are three left-handed relievers on the major league club right now, and with that being the case, I don’t know that it matters how I’m doing. What matters is what they need right now. There doesn’t seem to be a great need with three already up there.

So I feel like I’m stuck here more than likely, unless there’s another team out there. But I guess we’ll see…